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“Tom Stoddart, Pty. Ltd., and OZEM Corp have produced the finest quality, specifier-grade commercial wine preservation and dispensing equipment available to restaurants, bars, wine bars, and hospitality establishments throughout the world. Our Wine-By-The-Glass™ systems were developed initially in Australia from a concept unaware of any similar equipment. As we penetrate the market, we come to acknowledge and extend a tribute to the prior forms produced under such labels as: Winekeeper ® , Cruvinet ® , NitroTap, Ltd. ™ , Provintech-Baccus Le Sommelier ™ , Le Verre de Vin™ , Wine Guardian ™ and, more recently, Enomatic and BTG System™ . Each is/has been about the joy of wine – the joy of sales and the joy of taste. Collectively, competing or not, we’re on the road to enhancing the commercial side of wine service, ultimately, for the pleasure and benefit of an increasingly well-informed individual consumer, the wine connoisseur. Nobody wants to serve bad wine or spoiled wine and fewer want to drink it.

Consumers respond with loyalty and excitement to diverse wine offerings. Many establishments have responded well to these demands by increasing their wine diversity. It only takes a two-dollar corkscrew to open another one, but it’s hard to keep track of a couple dozen opened bottles. In varying degrees and in differing scales, most of these systems organize the wines in your bar. We all tout the preservation benefits from the wine’s perspective,and our system is backed by testing, as you’ll see elsewhere on this site, but there’s another 180-degree benefit in the use of our equipment: Look closely at the unprecedented lack of sanitation as money-handling bartenders pick up corks from open counters and put them back into the bottle. Watch it some time; they’ll even ‘wash’ the cork with wine as they tilt the bottle to put it back into the deep-well. Whether you use Spritzer-type preservatives like ‘Private Preserve™’ or not, what is washing back into the bottle to be served to the next customer? For the wine maker, the wine distributor, the consumer, and your own establishment, a quality Winebar System completes a responsible, well managed wine by the glass sales program.

Our products, OZ Winebars, are newly designed specifically to address the higher demands of the commercial wine sales market-segment’s applications, ergonomics, capacities and durability while filling the consumer’s visual scan with nothing but wine. We consume the least of your valuable counter space possible in the process. At the same time, we acknowledge the need for diversity in all markets. Unlike many of those cited above, we do not produce smaller, inexpensive systems that can and should be used in limited or uncommitted wine service offerings. Our equipment is intended for use by operators dedicated to long term premium wine service programs. If you are looking for anything less, we commend you to a perusal of the offerings of those cited above. If you are looking for anything more, we will always encourage comparisons with the other guys, but we believe you’ve come to the right spot.

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Disc: Winekeeper ® , Cruvinet ® , NitroTap, Ltd. ™ , Provintech-Baccus Le Sommelier ™ , Le Verre de Vin™ , Wine Guardian ™ Enomatic and BTG System™ Private Preserve™ are trade names and/or products belonging to their respective companies.