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Serving wine by the glass can be the most profitable or least profitable way to serve wine, depending on how you do it.
The traditional way for wine refrigeration is opening a bottle and placing it in a bar fridge. It is not only slow and inefficient, it ends up speeding up the deterioration of the wine through oxidation reducing your wine sales profitability. With unrefrigerated wine this process is even faster.

Now there is a new way to serve wine -
OZ Winebars™.

An OZ Winebar is a wine refrigerator designed specifically to store and dispense both red and white wine.

We have developed an advanced commercial system for managing, refrigerating, preserving and serving opened wines. OZ Winebars extend the serving life of your wines and provide your staff a clean, efficient vehicle for your wine service program in an exciting, authoritative ambience for your customers.

Learn more about our wine dispensers with electronic portion control by downloading the OZ Winebars brochure.

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